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Asbestos Removal Bury is a team of professional asbestos removal & disposal contractors with years of experience in the asbestos abatement industry. Talk to us about our wide range of services including asbestos surveys, testing, collection & disposal and management & encapsulation. 

We are a Licensed Health & Safety Nationwide with offices in Yorkshire, London, Scotland, Wales and the Midlands. The company specializes in Domestic and Commercial Asbestos Surveys and Asbestos Removals.

Whether you want to arrange for a survey or need asbestos-related advice, do not hesitate to call. We will provide you with an obligation-free quotation based on your specific needs.

Our Best Servces

Domestic Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Abatement Bury Ltd. is a licensed asbestos removal specialist based in Bury. If you suspect asbestos within your residential building or home and looking for experienced asbestos removers

Commercial Asbestos Removal

Specialists in managing asbestos at business premises and commercial properties, Asbestos Abatement Bury Ltd. have years of experience in concealing, securing and removing asbestos.

Industrial Asbestos Removal

Do you require industrial asbestos removal in Bury? Asbestos Abatement Bury Ltd. is one of the main asbestos elimination and analysis contractor for hire based out of Bury. We are focused on giving

Asbestos Garage Removal

Asbestos Abatement Bury Ltd. specializes in the safe removal of asbestos roofing in Bury. Our team specializes in removing old asbestos garages, asbestos corrugated roofs, sheds, drain pipes, boiler flues and so on.

Asbestos Roof Removal

At Asbestos Abatement Bury Ltd., asbestos roof removal is one of the most common services that we undertake for our clients. We work across Bury providing competitively priced services. Our technicians

Asbestos removal services for a safe home

Asbestos is found in millions of products that are in and around your home or residential building. From textured ceilings to the plumbing system and loose-fill insulation, you might be living with asbestos-containing materials. Even though asbestos-containing materials in good condition are not immediately a health hazard, it is always wise to have them monitored. The moment asbestos products start to crack or turn brittle and break, the likelihood of asbestos fibres mixing with the air that you breathe is high. Before that happens, you need to hire the services of our asbestos surveyors and learn about the location, condition and contamination level of asbestos in your home or residential building. Also, we recommend surveys if you are planning to renovate or undertake any major construction work in your residential property.

If the presence of asbestos is detected and the condition of the asbestos-containing materials are deteriorating, you can count on our domestic asbestos removal services to make your Leeds – based home safe again.

How We Can Help Business?

Asbestos Removal Bury manages asbestos-related concerns for:

· Homes and residential buildings

· Offices and commercial properties of all types

· Hospitals

· Schools and public buildings

· Industrial properties and structure

At Asbestos Removal Bury, our highly skilled and experienced team provides professional and safe asbestos removal & disposal services to buildings of all types and sizes. Our services cater to clients in both the private and public sector, ranging from hospitals and schools to commercial properties and industrial structures and even homes and residential properties. We will carry out an in-depth asbestos survey of your building or property before removing any of the hazardous material. We are also happy to collect and discard the hazardous waste that has already been removed from your building structures. Talk to us to discuss your specific asbestos removal needs in Leeds.

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